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I design and create each of my bears with a lot of love.

They all have a birth certificate and my initials are

embroidered under one of their feet.

I always try to work with the best quality  fabrics. Most of my bears are made

of "Schulte"- mohair, cashmere and suedine.

Sometimes I use "Helmbold"- mohair and alpaca too.

For the plush I pay a lot of attention to good quality and originality.

Eyes are hand- painted glass or safety eyes.

A few bears are coloured with Air- brushing,

which enables me to bring out some details, and give them even more life.

Joints (always 5 or 6) are in cordboard, wood or fiber.

Some bears have an armature integrated in their arms,

so they are flexible all the way down to their paw pads.

I use hypoallergenic fibres, cotton wool or mohair for stuffing.

For a nice weight and posture I use steel, mineral,

glasses b.b's ou rubber.

I make as many clothes myself as possible

and I pay great attention to details.

All my creations aren' t for children.

Thank you so very kindly for stopping by to meet my bears!

To the Bears!
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